Future Proof – Javascript Dashboard Code Samples

To support my colleague Bob German and his great talk on Future Proofing your SharePoint solutions I helped him by building a SharePoint charting dashboard that used client side scripting libraries to pull data from a SharePoint list and display it using commercially available client side charting library.  He has asked me to share those solutions and so finally here they are.  I really appreciate all of Bob's great feedback and hope these examples can help people out there get started on building their own dashboards.


For all the great information, please see Bob's article that talks about Future Proofing your apps at http://blogs.msdn.com/b/bobgerman/archive/2013/10/05/future-proof-solutions-part-1-take-a-walk-on-the-client-side.aspx

Javascript Dashboard Demo

More Future Proof Code Samples from Bob German