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CloudDev Clarity

This show is where Andrew Connell & Julie Turner can discuss, debate, and even disagree on topics specific to developers who are primarily working in the Microsoft cloud space. That includes Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, but it’s not limited to those areas! They’ll also cover topics related to these areas, like testing tools, development tools, practices, and anything else.

Browser Native

In the Browser Native series, co-hosts Julie Turner & Bob German explore features built into all modern browsers that you might have missed if you’ve been working within a particular framework or library. Each episode includes one or more samples where you can see the code and watch it run, so it’s easy to follow along. Please join us as we level up our skills together and learn about powerful capabilities that are browser native!

Open Source Projects

PnPjs: Documentation

PnPjs is a collection of fluent libraries for consuming SharePoint, Graph, and Office 365 REST APIs in a type-safe way. You can use it within SharePoint Framework, Nodejs, or any JavaScript project. This is an open-source initiative, and we encourage contributions and constructive feedback from the community.

hTWOo: Documentation

hTWOo UI is an open-source alternative for Microsoft’s Fluent UI Web Design system. hTWOo Core is a pure HTML/CSS and JavaScript implementation that can be used in any project. In addition, hTWOo React is a component-based implementation that can be used in any ReactJS project (>= React 16).