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Conquer your dev toolchain in 'Classic' SharePoint - Part 1

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Last year, around this time, Marc and I agreed we should write a blog series on our development process. As often happens good intentions get buried in other commitments, but I’ve finally managed to circle back on this topic which I’m finding has become more important than ever. Over the last year the SharePoint Framework has taken off. Although it still doesn’t support the paradigm that I most often am developing for - the full-page app hosted in SharePoint - I still think it’s a great model for development. [Read More]

SharePoint REST Date/Time field Item Updates

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A recent comment on my blog post “SharePoint time, is not your time, is not their time.” has prompted me to create a short addendum post that specifically references updates and how your thinking might differ from displaying SharePoint date/time values. To recap our example, I was discussing how to manipulate the date values to have your client-side code mimic (or not) the regional settings of your SharePoint site. The question was raised about how to deal with dates when doing POST to a SharePoint list or library from your client-side code. [Read More]

Azure Function Development-Deployment Strategy

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There will be some that find what I’m about to say entirely obvious. For those that don’t this is a great way to think about development when the terminology changes but really everything stayed the same. Azure Functions are billed as “serverless computing”, and as I’m sure most of you have figured out already, all this really means is that the Azure extrapolates the complexity of managing the hardware and infrastructure that allows your code to execute. [Read More]

Streamline ADAL implementation: Extending SharePoint with the Microsoft Graph – Part 4

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Introduction When I last left you (in Part 3) we had completed the round-trip journey that is learning all the facets to accessing the Microsoft Graph API (MSGraph) through an Azure Application and the ADAL.js library. A significant portion of our time was spent simply on the different ways to leverage ADAL.js depending on the framework you were using. In this next installment we’re going to go one step further and streamline our implementation of ADAL, in AngularJS specifically, but with broader implications to any web based framework. [Read More]

Creating a property pane for editing items in your SPFx web parts

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It’s a great privilege and great fun to work with the exceptional team at Shire now part of Takeda that’s building a bleeding edge intranet to support their now 24,000 employees and growing. The team is exploring some very new territory and learning a lot along the way. During last weeks webinar, Microsoft’s Mark Kashman promised we’d post some of the lessons learned in the project. It’s my pleasure to share with the greater world a tidbit of that knowledge in the form of how to create a property pane for an individual item, not just the web part using the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). [Read More]

SharePoint + Flow (+ Azure Functions): Launching a Microsoft Flow from Client-Side Code

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The requirement seemed deceptively simple… and it was, somewhat… simple. I’ll start with showing you how very simple it is to launch a Microsoft Flow (“flow”) from your client-side code hosted, well… wherever. I will give you this caveat, launching a flow this way requires no authentication. The URL is entirely obscure, but if you’re concerned that the flow you’re starting does something you only want to allow authenticated users in your organization to do then you may want to rethink this. [Read More]

Utilizing ngOfficeUIFabric People Picker in SharePoint

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One of the great joys of developing custom forms in SharePoint is developing the controls for some of the more complicated field types, specifically the Taxonomy Picker and the People Picker. If you’re sensing sarcasm, you would be correct. There are brave souls out there who recreated these components for us that utilize no less than five (and sometimes more) Microsoft Javascript libraries. The reality is, for the People Picker, which is what I’m going to be discussing today, you’re really looking for a type ahead input field that filters a list of people that you can retrieve from SharePoint. [Read More]

How to work with SharePoint datetime localization/timezones in JavaScript

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If you develop client side solutions for SharePoint you’ve either run into this or you will run into the following scenario. SharePoint stores all its date/time fields in UTC time. The site collections, sites, and the users, can have their own time zone settings. If you’re using SharePoint out of the box because all the content is rendered on the server and pushed to the client with all the date/time translation has been done for you. [Read More]

A Big, Thank You!

Hello World, Hello Blog

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Yesterday was a huge day for me professionally as I was awarded my first (and hopefully not last) Microsoft MVP Award. It was such a huge honor, and I felt it appropriate to give a shout out here to the Microsoft community for their support. There have been so many great mentors in my life over the years, many of whom I still collaborate with on a regular (if not daily) basis. [Read More]

Greetings from New Hampshire, Where I’m Co-Authoring a Document

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As Marc said in his post on this experience, which of course he published before me, he and I needed to do some work on a Word document together today. We started by emailing, but almost immediately realized we should just share it on our OneDrive. I was in browser at the time, but have since continued to co-author it in Word on my desktop. I’m not going to lie, I’ve had problems with the co-authoring experience in the past, but was keeping an open mind since Marc and I recently “upgraded” (not sure that’s the right word) to the “First Release for Current Channel (Office Insider Slow)” version of Office 2016. [Read More]