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A Big, Thank You!

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Yesterday was a huge day for me professionally as I was awarded my first (and hopefully not last) Microsoft MVP Award. It was such a huge honor, and I felt it appropriate to give a shout out here to the Microsoft community for their support. There have been so many great mentors in my life over the years, many of whom I still collaborate with on a regular (if not daily) basis. Everyone that I interact with has been so supportive in helping me find my way whether it be technically or “socially”, and I hope I have often been able to reciprocate in kind. So, thank you to everyone I interact with in the community for being so open and generous with your knowledge and time! It’s been a whirlwind year for me, as the date of March 1, also marks a year since I first started talking to Marc about the possibility of joining him at Sympraxis Consulting. What felt like a huge decision was probably the best one I’ve ever made. He’s been a great mentor as I embarked on taking what I always did quietly behind the scenes out into the community. This last year has seen me do things many who’ve known me were somewhat shocked by… helping organize the Granite State SharePoint User Group, blogging more, speaking at conferences (this was the big one), and then connecting with various colleagues of Marc’s (and now of mine), in the MVP community. So, also, a special thank you to him, as I absolutely couldn’t have done it without him. I hope this marks only the beginning of this new-ish phase of my professional life, thanks again!