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The man with the “bacon covered donut” could not be ignored

I recently attended a multi-day event at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA.  Early in the morning and blurry-eyed from battling the time change, I found my way into the event room to see Marc D. Anderson in an aisle seat plugging away at his computer with a mouthwatering bacon covered donut sitting daintily on a paper napkin at his elbow… that, my friends, is a conversation starter!

Sometimes in life, things are just obvious really quickly.  I had met Marc years ago through our mutual friend Sadie Van Buren but really didn’t get to know him very well, as is the case with many developer types, I’m way more comfortable talking to my computer than I am talking to people… and I do, sadly, literally talk to my computer as many of my current and former colleagues can attest to.

So there, at that Microsoft event over a bacon donut, we started a new conversation and got reacquainted.  In this rather short time, it became glaringly obvious that I needed to make the move and join Sympraxis Consulting.  I have had a wonderful journey at BlueMetal and I cannot say enough good things about the organization as a whole.  They have super talented people who do amazing work, more cutting edge consulting than any group I’ve ever worked with and I learned so much through that association.  But it was time for me to take on a new challenge, and spread my wings a bit more.

So I’m off, and I think the future looks amazingly bright.  With our combined skills Sympraxis has a ton to offer organizations looking to implement, improve, and expand their SharePoint platform be it on premises or in the cloud through Office 365 and Azure.  I’m really excited to be joining Marc and know not only are we going to do great work, but we’re going to have an absolute blast doing it.