Azure Function Development-Deployment Strategy

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There will be some that find what I’m about to say entirely obvious. For those that don’t this is a great way to think about development when the terminology changes but really everything stayed the same. Azure Functions are billed as “serverless computing”, and as I’m sure most of you have figured out already, all this really means is that the Azure extrapolates the complexity of managing the hardware and infrastructure that allows your code to execute. [Read More]

SharePoint + Flow (+ Azure Functions): Launching a Microsoft Flow from Client-Side Code

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The requirement seemed deceptively simple… and it was, somewhat… simple. I’ll start with showing you how very simple it is to launch a Microsoft Flow (“flow”) from your client-side code hosted, well… wherever. I will give you this caveat, launching a flow this way requires no authentication. The URL is entirely obscure, but if you’re concerned that the flow you’re starting does something you only want to allow authenticated users in your organization to do then you may want to rethink this. [Read More]