SPFx Command Set Dialogs without DOM Manipulation using hTWOo React

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In my last post I announced the implementation of the native html dialog element in hTWOo-Core and the corresponding component in the hTWOo-React library. hTWOo is a pure html and css implementation of Microsoft Fluent Design. hTWOo-React is a ReactJS wrapper for hTWOo-Core. This post started with a question posted in sp-dev-docs that Stefan Bauer pointed out to me. It’s a really good question and I felt like others might benefit. [Read More]

hTWOo-React 2.1.0 Spotlight: Dialogs

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We’ve just released the latest version of hTWOo-React, version 2.1. I’m going to be posting various updates highlighting some of the new updates over the next several weeks, so please check back or follow me on LinkedIn for more updates. For more information on hTWOo-React check out our documentation. For an overview of hTWOo please see this previous post or visit our hTWOo page. hTWOo is a pure html and css implementation of Microsoft Fluent Design. [Read More]

Intro to hTWOo-React: Microsoft Fluent UI React alternative

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Getting Stared with hTWOo-React presentation This PnP Community demo is taken from the Viva Connections & SharePoint Framework Bi-weekly sync call recorded on January 12, 2023. I recently had the opportunity to present a “Getting Started with hTWOo React” session on the bi-weekly Viva Connections & SharePoint Framework call. I always love being able to present the fun stuff I’m working on to the rest of the community. For those of you who are not familiar, hTWOo is an open source alternative for Microsoft’s Fluent UI Web Design system. [Read More]